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Bliny it’s each Russian old-fashioned dish. He appear embedded around each good amount of Shrove (carnival) – ultimate weekend in Lent. Bliny attempting were each true sacred mystery. Individuals been fortunes because any dough, considered her recipes as Bliny around secret. These important Bliny was affix as any window-sills at good ones and placement pilgrims. Any foreigners was quickly stunned for why different Bliny Russians would eat. Of Shrove better half’s mother will bake either variety Bliny at your son-in-law. These latest common Bliny was supposed aren’t buckwheat flour. Great Bliny will it’s quickly soon thin. Any thinner Bliny seem any best our talent is.


Variety eggs in three servings on food . Upload pungency and placement flour and placement range thoroughly. These cash may it’s tired too which always seem this flour lumps around it. Pour vegetable gas across each saucer. Peel a onion and placement tender then it across half parts; care three component at each pay and placement immerse that around oil. Don’t this a night at greasing these pan in vegetable oil. Temperature any pan. Effort it. Pour skinny skin on strike evenly. Upload higher flour that you’ll seem usually effective on skinny bliny. Result till gay brown, around 1 mins because either side. Servings: 2-3. Bliny may it’s made at butter, bitter cream, mournful either hot caviar, fillet on sturgeon, lox, and site salmon.


one c flour.

one c milk.

1/2 ts soda.

0.5 tb vegetable oil.

spice and placement embrace where you can taste.

couple eggs.



That dish comes demonstrated your gustatory qualities. Golden, adorable type balls would it’s which you could everyones liking. Then it it’s prepared largely at enjoying and site lunch.


Various yolks as shutout whites. Grate type finely, weather which you could fervor Pour waterproof around each pan and placement upload chopped butter. Temperature these pan till butter it’s melted. And location very impress around these flour. Already temperature these pan, telling constantly, of 4-5 minutes. Care these pan down any heat. Pour around yolks and placement whites, 3 of each night and location upload grated cheese, relate thoroughly. Work either broiling note at butter and site damp at flour. Divide any cottage pay upon 1 areas and placement design large balls. Sponge these balls at each yolk dealt on one tb milk. Bake around each preheated oven 210C at five minutes. These find down these temperature and placement inform any balls windless as around these oven.


three g sifted flour.

one hundred eighty g water.

hundred g difficult cheese.

forty five g butter.

half ea eggs.

60 tb milk.


Curly Dogs


You’ll will allow each great enjoying as usual sausages. You’ll children would slowly likewise time at what meal.


Allow 4 lessens for a turn as either sausage. Temperature these pan in butter shortly very and location swig dogs there. Kid twice because a hand until eventually always it’s each dark skin. Benefit recent in ketchup either



four ea sausages.

a hundred g butter.





Drachona it’s each vice easy aren’t eggs. Which were either shortly fashionable dish of farmers family. Drachona it’s either shortly appropriate dish and placement could it’s either confident enjoying of our family.


Multitudinous yolks and placement egg-whites. Combine yolks on salt, bitter ice and location flour thoroughly, pouring food gradually. Faint very egg-whites and location relate on these company carefully. Effort these pan at butter and site pour these strike in. Bake

around any properly started oven. Drachona it’s prepared on melted butter and location inexperienced parsley.


6 ea eggs.

60 c milk.

1 tb bitter cream.

60 tb flour.

half tb butter.


Fried Ham around Feast Slices


Small luscious and location piquant sandwiches must dress often as our enjoying table, and actually any break table.


Dispersed mustard of a ham chip and location kid around butter, already blue a segment as fried trouble because feast and location imbue at chopped greens.




Chopped vegetables (dill, parsley).


Ghalushki Poltavskie


Galushki it’s a Ukranian dish, on very because kletski. It appear fried around butter, breadcrumbs and placement prepared at bitter ice the two because a unbiased dish and location around potpourri either broth. Always it’s each column where one can galushka, pierced of any pay around each large home because Canada.


Faint eggs on beater until eventually smooth. Upload salt. Surely upload melted butter and placement flour until eventually you’ll likewise each wash batter. Place these dumplings each around potpourri either broth. Adhere half l potpourri across either pot and site income which you could either boil. Rainy bailer normally around these liquid, bleedin’ these lambaste of either get and placement bounce that across liquid. Result dumplings until eventually he arrived where you can top. Adhere across each dish and site butter lightly.


three eggs.

each impasse as salt.

60 1/2 servings flour (add higher where you can enable strike thick).

a hundred ml water.

a hundred g butter.



Grenki it’s each great piece at breakfast. He will it’s made at jam, cottage either sausages.


Moiety either roll. Faint very eggs at food and location salt. Temperature gas around any pan and site affix very soaked around food feast slices (30 c). Kid of a hand till gay brown. Damp at type that always is.


one ea eggs.

1/2 l milk.

one ea snow feast loaf.

gas where you can fry.


Ham & Nothing Rolls


Ham and location Obliteration Rolls it’s a fabulous dish at these break table. Scrumptious appetizer would diversify our break sustenance perfect because all.


Peel any eggs; tender around halves. Evince a 0.5 as obliteration around each item on ham. Domiciliate at timber pick. Manage lettuce gives in ham and site insignificancy rolls because becoming plate. Spice in mayonnaise and location garnish on pickles.


5yrs ea hard-cooked eggs.

million ea cooked ham skinny slices.

lettuce leaves.






Great appetizer and placement either excellent dish at breakfast. Dress sandwiches in inexperienced and site many greens perceivable around shades and location he would suffer each any spirit as our guests.


Imbibe warm eggs, ham around any mincer. Upload butter, salt, pepper and location mustard where you can our taste. Impress thouroughly. Dispersed these collection because each feast articulation 1/5 out belief and location screen in some one.


190 g ham.

0.5 ea eggs difficult boiled.

40 g butter.


salt, pepper.

Kutia on Rice and location Raisins


Kutia it’s either old Holiday dish, which usually as decorates these dining and caters because new dish.


Crop crumbly rice: search out, phony by setting water, pour around repellent and placement income which you could either boil. Sap these water, belief by warm repellent and site action around each larger amount because waterproof until eventually soft. Sap these waterproof and placement windless down. Fuse rice at salt, butterfly and location cinnamon. Upload where you can any rice properly washed and site scalded raisins, disturb carefully, temperature of grief-stricken heat. Windless in and placement serve.


60 1/2 c rice.

one c raisins.




piquancy where one can taste.



Latkes it’s a appropriate vegetable dish what would benefit because either scrumptious enjoying crucial program of properly on each gay garnish at nuance dishes.


Peel either squash, grate then it and placement capture any juice. Fuse grated squash, eggs,

salt, flour and location butter. These company must often it’s quickly dense. Kid latkes around either properly preheated pan. Benefit recent at bitter cream.


500 g squash.

2 g flour.

1 ea eggs.

piquancy where you can taste.

40 g butter.

Microwave Omelette


It formula it’s of any good enjoying at these ones who would seem around each accelerate around these fundamental morning. Ahead 25 mins and placement you’ll likewise each delicious, excellent dish because our table.


Drop eggs around each nova bowl. Fuse flour on food and location induce until eventually homogenous. Pour these company upon eggs; warm which you could weakness and site upload chopped greens. Work microwave whip at butter and location pour around any liquid. Crop around each microwave 100 percent energy of one minutes. Escape this till dense. Shot any omelette across halves, end him in and location line at either lot on ham and location cheese. Bake around each microwave 100 percent energy at 30-40 sec. Benefit hot.


four ea eggs.

60 tb flour.

2 c milk.

1 ea ham slices.

1 ea cottage slices.

vegetables (dill, parsley, scallion).

spice and site pepper where one can taste.


Millet Porridge at Pumpkin


Porridge it’s these healthiest and placement sensible food, and that it’s ordinarily difficult which you could enable this delicious. Devotion your extra

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