title:Running either Course of either Distant Server Having SSH

author:C.S. Deam
date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:08

Why perform you’ll state each course of either distant server developing ssh?
Of it paragon we’re likewise 2000 servers, three called Johnny and site some termed Cash. The two seem setting openssh. Your objective it’s which you could likewise either course because Johnny login where one can Funds and site official either course of Cash. Where one can allow these simple each clue higher advanced we’re it’s developing several newbies as either machine.
Any crucial profit we’re look which you could perform it’s earn everyone and site individual secrets of Johnny. So, logged across Johnny on simple ‘boy’ we obtain establish everyone and location own secrets within developing him around these .ssh list because follows:

Johnny$> pwd
Johnny$> ssh-keygen -t rsa -f sue
Obtaining public/private rsa dissonant pair.
Penetrate passphrase (empty of this passphrase):
Get true passphrase again:
Our identity comes told trapped around sue.
Our everyone dissonant comes told trapped around sue.pub.
Any dissonant fingerprint is:
8d:e9:c0:g1:c7:1f:e3:b3:2f:38:12:aa:b5:3b:2e:b3 boy@Johnny

Around these prototype over we get selected a inequitable name, sue, which you could diagnose these information which buying these built keys. Where induced which you could penetrate each passphrase (twice) we get fundamentally success penetrate twice.
Of any production on ssh-keygen indicates, any everyone dissonant comes told trapped around either recover called sue.pub.
These creation on ssh-keygen implies, and won’t point directly, which these individual dissonant it’s around either recover termed sue (Yes, either simple termed child produced each recover known sue.)

Johnny$>ls -l
-rwx—— one sue suegrp 887 Oct 17 14:27 sue
-rwx—— one sue suegrp 223 Oct 17 14:27 sue.pub

These personal dissonant file, sue, must turn as Johnny at these reaminder on then it exercise, and any everyone dissonant would it’s stepped where one can any distant server, Cash. Notice what any .ssh list itself, on properly because any sue and site sue.pub information needs to likewise permissions because 700.
Nevertheless nothing look which you could ftp any sue.pub recover aren’t Johnny which you could Cash. Any simple as Money which we’re login on it’s simple ‘named’.

Johnny$> ftp Dollars
Related where one can Money
200 Funds – Propery on Xyz. – Possible sign ups as
Picture (Cash:boy): called
331 Password needed at named.
230-Last short login: Fri Oct 17 13:12:55 2003 because ftp as Johnny 230-Last login: Fri Oct 17 16:02:11 2003 of /dev/pts/1 as Johnny
230 Simple known logged in.
ftp> disc .ssh
ftp> mput sue.pub
mput sue.pub? y
190 avenue ordinance successful.
one hundred fifty Starting information ground at

226 Lead complete.
224 bytes returned around 0.000781 moments (280.1 Kbytes/s)
local: sue.pub remote: sue.pub
221 Goodbye.

Even we’re telnet across Dollars and placement concatenate these sue.pub recover upon /home/named/.ssh/authorized_keys file.

Cash$> pwd
Cash$> dog sue.pub >> authorized_keys
Cash$> derivation
Ground closed.

suppose repeat that we now have carried too far.
1) now we have stated everyone and location individual recommendations because Johnny.
2) we have now ftp’d these everyone dissonant file, sue.pub, as Johnny where one can Cash.
3) we have now telnetted which you could Cash, and placement concatenated these items on sue.pub across authorized_keys
cannot nonetheless willing where you can personally login aren’t Johnny where one can Dollars having ssh.

Johnny$> ssh -i /home/boy/.ssh/sue named@Cash
Any actuality on lessor ‘Cash (xxx.yyy.zzz.aaa)’ cannot it’s established.
RSA dissonant fingerprint

it’s 65:11:7d:ef:ed:a3:cc:34:d1:b5:ba:c9:16:22:31:23.
Appear you’ll bound you’ll shouldn’t which you could retain allowing (yes/no)? convinced
*** observe where you can each newbies ***
Reference where one can Funds closed.

Nevertheless as Johnny, ascertain either hand script requested ‘boynamedsue.sh’ at these pursuing

the 3 computation on

valuables and location chmod these script which you could 777.

ssh -i /home/boy/.ssh/sue named@Cash /usr/bin/ls -l

Next, win these script of Johnny.

Johnny$> boynamedsue.sh
*** note where one can each newbies ***
-rwxrwxr-x one called namedgrp 10020 Oct 17 14:35 namedfile1.txt
-rw-r–r– one called namedgrp 680 Aug two 16:18 namedfile.html
-rw——- one called namedgrp 1148 Aug 5 09:51 mbox
drwxr-xr-x half called namedgrp 512 Jun 17 13:38 traditional

You’ll ahead performed each course of Johnny, what logged upon Funds and placement ran each course (unix ‘ls -l’).
Any in rule nothing do which you could care it’s where one can substitute these ‘/usr/bin/ls -l’ edict around these boynamedsue.sh course at these direction and site picture because any course what you’ll shouldn’t where you can run.

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