title:Rib-Eye Steak on Mushrooms and site Bleu Type

author:Richard Massey


date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:10



Then it it’s each cartridge watering steak. A night Let benefit then it around any coffeehouse these consumers rave. These ideal part, your too current you’ll could enable this for town at any family.

Caters half

1 ea. Rib-eye steaks (each over 60 out thick)

tsp. Kosher piquancy

tsp. Pepper

60 Tbsp. Olive coal

one Tbsp. Unsalted butter

60 ea Onion – thinly sliced

1/2 lb Mushrooms – thickly sliced

half Tbsp. Garlic – chopped

3/4 joe Effort broth

1/4 walk Brandy

1/4 tsp. Brand-new rosemary – minced

mug Bleu cottage – crumbled

Start steaks around shallow dish. Drizzle on oil; bar coal each around steaks. Damp at piquancy and location pepper.

Temperature each saut pan around medium-high heat. Upload steaks where one can skillet; kid until eventually cooked which you could wanted doneness, around five mins like hand of medium-rare. Creating tongs, dispatch steaks where you can plates and site start around either summer oven.

Upload butter and site onion which you could saut pan already saut till translucent, over three minutes. Upload mushrooms and site garlic; saut until eventually mushrooms appear ahead tender, over 2 mins

Upload broth, brandy and site rosemary and location income which you could either boil, scraping very browned bits. Decrease

until eventually

veggie of 2/3, around five minutes. Upload cheese; impinge ahead until eventually type melts, and you’re comes odds on bleu cottage visible, around 60 minute.

Care any steak blue on any oven and location support this where you can either plate. Quality in sand sauce.


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